Injured In An Auto-Accident?

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Auto Accident Injuries:

Auto accident injuries can lead to serious and long term conditions.  Rear-end accidents often cause flexion/extension injuries to the neck, often referred to as whiplash injuries.  Shoulders and low back regions can be injured due to seat-belt restraints.  Joints, ligaments, and nerves can be crushed, tractioned, or stretched leading to pain, loss of work, and inability to lead an active lifestyle.  If left untreated, these injuries can develop into chronic degenerative conditions.

Injuries Related to Auto-Accidents:

  • Cervical or neck whiplash injury
  • Shoulder or chest contusions
  • Headache, dizziness, blurry vision symptoms
  • Wrist or hand sprain/strain injuries
  • Sciatica or low back pains
  • Numbness or tingling into extremities
  • Pain in shoulder or upper back